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COVID-19 Update: In light of recent COVID-19 recommendations, terminal shops, and restaurant hours are subject to change.



Convenient, contactless ordering is available at MIA. Bypass the lines and feel secure knowing your safety is a top priority here at MIA. Explore all of your options below:

Contactless Dining

Introducing the safe and convenient new way to travel safely at MIA.  You can browse and order your favorite items, all through your mobile device, with fast and easy pickup. We look forward to serving you.

Explore the range of dining options in MIA

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MIA Amenities & Services

MIA offers a range of amenities and services to support the needs of any type of traveler or visitor to the airport. Access this section of the website to explore our MIA travel guide, with useful tips, links and travel information to help you plan and make the most of your visit to MIA.

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MIA Shopping

MIA hosts an extensive collection of shopping destinations, from high end labels to local souvenirs. Explore an impressive selection of designer apparel, luxury goods, and beauty products.  Pick up vacation-ready gear and enjoy the best of the Miami lifestyle.

More than 120 shopping destinations throughout MIA

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